Non-NHS Work

Below are the prices that we charge as for services not covered under the General Medical Services Contract.

Service Charge
GP Letter £30 plus VAT
Fitness to Travel Letter £25 plus VAT
Ofsted Form £70 plus VAT
Holiday Insurance Claim Form £30 plus VAT
Council Discount Form £12 plus VAT
Private Medical Certificate £25 plus VAT
Lasting POA Form
(where patient has capacity & an appointment is not needed)
£60 plus VAT
Assessment of Capacity £150 plus VAT
Elderly Fitness to Drive £60 plus VAT
HGV/Taxi/Bus Medical £110 plus VAT
Private Smear Test £50
DNA Sample (admin. only) £40 each patient
Private ECG Report £25

Vaccine Charges

Vaccine Charge
Hep B £37.60 (1 Vaccine)
£112.80 (3 Vaccines)
Bloods £21.60
Hygiene South West
Hep B (3 Vaccines)
DIP/TET/POLIO (1 Vaccine)

Letters from GPs for Benefits

Please see below a letter we have received from the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Medical Committee regarding letters from GPs for benefits.

Cornwall and IoS Local Medical Committee (LMC) is the representative body for all GPs in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly. This letter has been produced by the LMC for use by GP practices.

The Benefits System is undergoing major changes and this is impacting on many people across the country in the amount of money they receive and also the benefits they may be eligible for.

GPs provide General Medical Services to their patients and we are not in a position to administer nor to police the Benefits System. The LMC considers that it is not appropriate for the GP to be asked for letters of support or a letter to confirm care needs. GPs are not resourced to provide this service. Time taken up with paperwork is time taken away from direct patient care. There are contractual and agreed methods for GPs to provide medical information to the Department for Work and Pensions. These are sent to the GP practice and GP’s respond directly to the departments requesting information. Therefore we cannot respond to your request for a letter.

Please show this document to the service who has asked for the GP letter.

For more information the service can contact:

Cornwall& LoS LMC, Office B314
Victoria Beacon Place
Station Approach
St Austell
PL26 8LG

In practice we have in the past provided such letters and these have not been taken into consideration. You are welcome to pay for a letter but we cannot guarantee it will make any difference.